Judd Ranch

The Red Angus Female

Red Angus was added to the herd in 2000 in response to customers' requests to purchase a second breed at Judd Ranch that would complement their Gelbvieh herds. Judd Ranch Red Angus females are moderately framed and highly fertile.  Each one excels in disposition and carcass quality. Red Angus was added to the Judd Ranch herd because they possess many desirable traits: maternal excellence, tremendous fertility, gentle disposition, heat tolerance, efficiency, and moderate frame.

The AI reference sires in the Red Angus program include LSF TBJ Takeback 4856B, Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334, HXC Conquest 4405P, CCF Gold Bar 0251, Brown BHW Legend A1965, and SLGN X-Files 006X.


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