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Add Value with Crossbreeding

Many of our customers buy Gelbvieh bulls and cross them on Angus or Red Angus cows. Crossbreeding is proven to increase efficiencies and profit. Dr. Larry Cundif from the USMARC says, "Crossbred females are 30 percent more productive over their lifetimes." Other USMARC data says that crossbred cows reduce break-even production costs by as much as 10 percent and stay in the herd about 2 years longer.

Crossbreeding adds value:

  • Cow efficiency +8% 
  • Cow longevity +38% 
  • Cow lifetime productivity +25% 
  • Calf weaning weights +5% 
  • Calf yearling weights +4% 
 *Source: American Gelbvieh Association, "Add Pounds. Add Profit." January 2011.

Balancer Program

Balancer cattle are 25-75% Gelbvieh with the balance Angus or Red Angus. Balancers combine the fertility,growth, muscle, and leanness of Gelbvieh with the maternal and marbling qualities of Angus. 

The Angus AI reference sires that we use in our Balancer program include Basin Payweight 1682, SAV Resource 1441, SAV Final Answer 0035, Schiefelbein Effective 61, Schiefelbein Allied 514, and SITZ Dash 10277.  

Balancer bulls are an excellent option for cowmen who would like some benefits of heterosis, but don't want 100% Gelbvieh influence. 

 Dr. Harlan Ritchie, distinguished animal science professor at Michigan State University, notes, "Hybrid genetics are successful in combining reproduction, growth and carcass traits into simple, well-designed breeding programs for the commercial industry. The use of F1 (first cross resulting from two purebred parents) bulls much like the Balancer program goes a long ways towards providing a simple crossbreeding solution."


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