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Whitehurst Story 2020

The Judd Ranch Difference: Top-Notch Customer Service, Docile Females Eddy & Jeanie Whitehurst, Greers Ferry, Arkansas

Eddy Whitehurst, Greers Ferry, Arkansas, along with his wife, Jeanie, own and manage a 70-head commercial cow herd in northcentral Arkansas. The cou-ple feed out their calves and sell beef directly to the consumer.

The Whitehursts had been buying Gelbvieh bulls and liked how they were working. This led them to decide to start a pure-bred, registered Gelbvieh herd to complement their commercial program.  Looking for the best females to start their registered herd they made the decision to buy Judd Ranch genetics.

"I bought some heifers about five years ago from a guy...

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Judd Ranch Customers Profit from Selling on the Grid

True or False: Gelbvieh influenced and/or Balancer influenced calves won't grade and won't work on the grid.

If you answered "False", you are correct.  

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JRI 132R10

Judd Ranch Genetics Help Cowmen Exceed Industry Average for Prime, Choice

Judd Ranch genetics excell in carcass traits.  Read on to hear success stories from Judd Ranch customers.  

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LINEBREEDING 101: Cattle Breed True, More Uniform

While inbreeding can reduce performance, linebreeding using carefully planned matings has been shown to elevate the influence of a genetic line or individual. Some extension beef specialists call line-breeding "the cornerstone of selective breeding."

Linebreeding is a ratchet mechanism for holding any gains already made by selection, while attempting to make further gains. It is a plan that breeds one sire line and preserves that exceptional ancestor's influence. 

Linebreeding of livestock traces to the 1930s when agriculture's success with hybrid corn caught the...

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Judd Ranch First Calf Heifer Nursing her Bull Calf

#1 Dam of Merit/Dam of Distinction Program

Judd Ranch is honored to be the American Gelbvieh Association's number one breeder and owner of Dams of Merit and Dams of Distinction for 2020.

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